Dive Sites – Western Seaboard

Marco Martin, owner of Dreamtime Dive Resort, swims briskly with a huge school of blue tangs off a reef called Jardines (Gardens), Mahamual, Costa Maya, Yucutan Peninsula, Mexico.

The Atlantic ocean offers great diving, with visibility often exceeding 15-20m and is mainly dived in summer due to the weather conditions.

On a typical Atlantic dive you'll see kelp forests, seals and colourful soft corals. Often dolphins visit the dive sites and if you're lucky, you will encounter the mysterious sunfish.

Water temperatures are cold - between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. A good 5 / 7mm two piece wetsuit is necessary or even a dry suit.

There are a number of excellent wreck sites along this coast and we kindly ask that you remove nothing from the wrecks and dive sites.

Excellent wreck sites along this coast waiting to be explored!

The Maori (1909)

This 5317 ton steamship sank on 5 August 1909, with a cargo of crockery and water piping. It was on it’s way from London to…

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The Oakburn (1906)

On 21 May 1906, the Oakburn, a 3865 ton British Steamer, hit the rocks of Maori Bay during thick fog. She was on a voyage…

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The Steps

A great multi level dive on a reef true to it’s name. On top of the reef the depth is only about 8m and is covered…

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Vulcan Rock

Located south-west of Hout Bay off the Karbonkelberg, where the blinder can be seen from the see. The site consists of a large pinnacle that…

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Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is located near Hottentotshuisie Bay in the Oudekraal Reserve. When the conditions are good this is a spectacular dive site, but the site…

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Duiker (Seal) Island

As the name implies, this site has abundance in cape fur seals. An easy boat dive, in shallow waters, to the rocks outside Houtbay. A thrilling dive…

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Het Huis te Kraaienstjin

The Het Huis Te Kraaienstein is known as South Africa’s oldest wreck. Best visited by boat, this old wooden hullen ship sank in 1670 after…

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Nick’s Caves

An exciting and colourful shore dive, with many swim throughs and overhangs. This dive site is an interesting one and consists of various large boulders which…

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Katzu Maru and Aster

The Katzmaru, an Asian trawler which sank in 1970,s and lies upside down in the shimmering waters off Hout Bay. She can be reached via…

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A multi level Boat dive to a reef with lot’s of life on it. There is a large kelp forest and colourful soft corals, found…

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The Antipolis (1977)

Located on the rocks off Victoria Road near Oudekraal with various entry and exit points from the rocks near the White House. The Antipolis was…

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The Boss 400

The Boss 400 is a very popular wreck dive and is known to be South Africa’s largest Wreck, hence the name. This Boat Dive takes…

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