Equipment Servicing

Being able to breathe underwater would be sweet.


Your dive equipment is what keeps you safe and mobile under the water and although modern dive equipment is ultra-reliable, to get most of your gear we recommend at least an annual service. Don’t forget that a long period of in-activity is worse for your gear then regular diving!

We can arrange to have all your scuba gear serviced locally by dedicated technician who can bring your gear back into top working condition. After a thorough check they will give you a personalised quote so that you know exactly what your service will cost. All equipment is fully tested before you get it back and know for sure it won’t let you down.

Make sure your gear is 100% safe so all you have to worry about is an awesome dive.


You take a deep breath and the air comes with a reassuring rush…. The air you breath from your cylinder is obviously one the most important aspects of your Scuba Adventure. Most people do not think much about this and just take the clean air for granted. There are several recommended & safe “filling stations”…

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Chemical Clean

Our chemical clean service is available for our clients. Just ask us.

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Edi Test

Scuba Shack is able to ensure that all your electronic dive instruments are kept up to date and efficient.

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Hydro & Visual

We can arrange all Hydro and visual testing to ensure efficiency and safety of your dive equipment. Your comfort and well being is of the utmost importance to us to ensure the best dive experience.i Park.

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We take care of all your equipment servicing needs. We can assist with servicing, ordering & repairs on regulators in addition to other items.

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Keep your cylinder rust free and clearly marked with our respray service facility. We are able to ensure all your kit is safe and comfortable, ensuring you get the best out of your dive gear.

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