Shark Cage Diving


Great White Shark Cage Trips.

This is an amazing experience to see the Great White Sharks! A must add to your holiday trip.

There is a self drive option or we you can arrange transport so you can enjoy the beautiful 2 hr drive to Gansbay.  Upon arrival you will receive a tasty light breakfast before boarding a vessel to transport you to "Shark Alley" which is between Dyer Island and Geyser rock.

Dyer Island is the breeding ground of Jackass Penguins, Cape Cormorants and Gannets, while Geyser Rock is a breeding Mecca for Cape Fur Seals and currently home to approx. 50 000 seals. At "Shark Alley" the boat will be anchored and the crew will begin with attracting the Great White sharks.

A big spacious cage will be attached to the boat and from there anybody can safely whatch the shark with snorkeling gear. Upon request it is possible to us Scuba gear but because the Great Whites comes up to the surface this is not necessary to get a good view of the sharks. All equipment rentals like wetsuits, masks and weights are included.

In season, whales and dolphins may also be spotted. Febuaryto September Shark Cage Diving takes place in Simons Town, False Bay.



All shark cage diving takes place in Gansbay which is about 2 hours driving from Cape Town. That is why we offer all our shark cage tours with transport. Transport is done with luxurious busses that are fully air-conditioned.


Daily departures from Cape Town are usually early in the morning (06.00am) and return around (17.00pm) but these times can change depending on weather, tide and season.

The ideal time to see sharks is in the South African winter.

What to bring


Sun Block



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